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Chemtronics ES535 Flux-off Rosin Flux Remover, 5 Gallon

Chemtronics ES535 Flux-off Rosin Flux Remover, 5 Gallon

Flux-Off Rosin formulation is a fast drying formula that quickly and completely removes R, RMA, RA, Rosin-based No-clean and synthetic flux residue.

• Penetrates harmful residues in hard to reach areas
• Evaporates quickly
• Leaves no residue
• Removes oil, grease, ionic and non-ionic residues
• Has low odor
• Non-corrosive formulation
• Contains no CFCs or HCFCs

• Removes all rosin-based fluxes
• Removes ionic and non-ionic activators
• Safe on plastics
• Flammable
• Dries fast
• Leaves no residue
• Available with BrushClean™ System

• Rosin removes flux residues and cleans
Chip Carriers, Heat Sinks, Plugs, Printed Circuit Boards, Relays, Sockets, Surface Mount Device Pads and Switches

UPS Hazardous Materials Shipping
• UPS HazMat Shipping Charges TBD
• HazMat items will be condensed into as few packages as possible to minimize the UPS HazMat fees.

Price $260.00