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Erem 511EBH 4-1/2" Diagonal Cutter Semi-Flush Cut Tapered Head - Right-Handed Dark Blue Ergonomic Cushioned Grips CLEARANCE

Erem 511EBH 4-1/2

Utica-Swiss Precision-Made Premium-Quality tools are manufactured by Erem and Made in the USA.

Regular Price: $ 56.49

• Made by Erem (Utica-Swiss)

• Erem acquired Utica-Swiss and merged the product lines Manufacturerd by Erem.

• Tool is stamped Utica
• Overall length: 4-1/2"
• semi-flush cutter
• tapered head
• anti-glare head
• Dark blue uniquely-designed ergonomic cushioned grips
• Magic Line Series
• Ergonomic handle for right hand. (The bottom image is a representative image to show the handle style, it is not the actual tool and it is shown with a regular rubber grip).

• Jaw length: .394
• Max cu 1.6mm / .063

(Qty available: 1)

Price $21.75