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Pace ST-65 (8007-0502) Soldering and Rework Systems Power Source Only

Pace ST-65 (8007-0502) Soldering and Rework Systems Power Source Only

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This single channel, dial control power supply is compatible with all the Intelli-Heat handpieces. Featuring a powerful multistage venturi that is powered BY YOUR COMPRESSED AIR SOURCE.

Regular Price $422.82

The ST65 is ideal for applications where continuous vacuum or pressure is required. An N2 source can be connected to create an inert gas reflow environment when using an N2 capable soldering iron. The heavy duty durable metal housing ensure years of service and the sloped face of the front panel is a standard feature for ease of use. An optional mounting bracket is available (#1321-0609-p1) to mount the system under a workbench or shelf, preserving precious benchtop space. N2 capable soldering iron. Tip heater compatible handpieces 405 degrees to 850 degrees nominal SensaTemp Compatiable handpieces. 176 degrees dial or 100 degrees digtital display to 900 degrees nominal.

Handpiece and soldering tips not included. (Qty available: 1)

• Power Source Only (handpiece not included)
• Compatible with Intelli-Heat handpieces & SX-90 handpiece (6010-0096)
• Intelli-Heat Control Technology
• Dial Control
• Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales.
• Temperature lockout
• Patented Wnap=Vac Technology
• ESD grounding jack
• ESD Safe metal housing
• Stackable
• Can be mounted under workbench or shelf with ojptional bracket.

Price $320.12