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Tronex 532 ESD-Safe Round Nose Pliers Short Jaw Cushion Grips

Tronex 532 ESD-Safe Round Nose Pliers Short Jaw Cushion Grips

Tronex 532
• Free form wire loops of heavier gauge wire
• Sturdy, shortened jaw resists wire defomation
• Skinny® rubber handles

Extremely durable, hardened steel tool ideal for electronic assembly and rework applications as well as fine jewelry making. Pliers jaw is formed by two perfectly machined cones with very fine tips. The shortened jaw and the sturdy tip make it possible to free form loops of heavier gauge wires without deformation. A round nose plier is generally used both to clamp and to form loops on leads or wire. (Pliers are shown with blue cushion grips)

Recommended Applications
• Electronics
• Jewelry making

Tronex 532 Features
• High-grade alloy steel for strength and durability
• Ideal for "free forming" precision loops
• Shortened jaws for working with heavier gauge wire
• Induction hardened tips
• Bearing ring lap joint design
• ESD-safe
• Blue, anti static, cushion handles
• Non-protruding leaf spring will not "catch"
• Polished, hand crafted finish

Tronex 532 Specifications
• Tip diameter .030".
• Jaw length .715" (18.1mm).
• Overall length: 5"
• Option: Longer, ergonomic handles 7" (Part No. 732)

Optional Longer Length Handle: Tronex 732 Ergonomic Pliers
• Identical to the 532 Pliers
• Longer, ergonomic handles
• Blue, anti static, cushion handles
• Overall length: 7"
• Contact Concorde with your order / current pricing

Price $47.09