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Erem #44A 4-1/2" Miniature Narrow Chain Nose Precision Pliers / CLEARANCE

Erem #44A 4-1/2

Clerance • Limited Quantities

Utica-Swiss Precision-Made Premium-Quality tools are manufactured by Erem.

Utica Swiss Standard Line Piers.Miniature long, narrow chain nose pliers with box joint and plain, radiused jaws. Performs delicate forming and assembly without marring.

Inventory: 1

• Brand: Erem / Utica-Swiss
• Erem acquired Utica-Swiss and merged the product lines. Manufacturerd by Erem.
• Tool is stamped Utica
• Leaf spring
• Polished head
• Green turquoise ergonomic rubber grips
• Made in Italy
• Discontinued

• Overall length: 4-1/2"
Head Dimensions: (a) .906 jaw length
(b) .197 head thickness
(d) .039 tip section
(e) . 047 tip width

The tool is brand new and unused. The image, from the original catalog, is a bit unclear.

Price $44.00