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Erem 44A 4-1/2" Miniature Narrow Chain Nose Precision Pliers / CLEARANCE

Erem 44A 4-1/2

Clerance • Limited Quantities

Utica-Swiss Precision-Made Premium-Quality tools are manufactured by Erem.

Utica Swiss Standard Line Piers.Miniature long, narrow chain nose pliers with box joint and plain, radiused jaws. Performs delicate forming and assembly without marring.


• Brand: Erem / Utica-Swiss
• Erem acquired Utica-Swiss and merged the product lines. Manufacturerd by Erem.
• Tool is stamped Utica
• Leaf spring
• Polished head
• Green turquoise ergonomic rubber grips
• Made in Italy
• Discontinued

• Overall length: 4-1/2"
Head Dimensions: (a) .906 jaw length
(b) .197 head thickness
(d) .039 tip section
(e) . 047 tip width

The tool is brand new and unused. The image, from the original catalog, is a bit unclear.

Price $44.00