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Esico 71T Large Capacity Solder Pot / 9.5 lb. Capacity / 3-1/8" dia. / 900°

Esico 71T Large Capacity Solder Pot / 9.5 lb. Capacity / 3-1/8

Esico 71T ( P710020 ). Whatever the requirements, tinning stripping or dipping, these solder pots will do the job efficiently. The cast iron crucibles are designed for operator convenience, comfort, and high-volume production. ETI solder pots are available in 120 and 240 volts. Special wattages can be supplied. All solder pots are supplied with a three-conductor cord set.

Models with suffix “T” feature an adjustable thermostat for selecting the optimum operating temperature. All pots are also available as lead-free. Ships via UPS.

P710020 71T Large capacity, deep
well for long parts. 1000 3-1/8" Diameter 4-1/4" 900 9-1/2

• P/N : 71T (P710020)
• Adjustable thermostat
• Solder capacity: 9-1/2 lbs.
• Maximum temperature: 900°
• Wattage: 1000
• Dimensions (i.d.): 3-1/8" dia.
• Depth (i.d..): 4-1/4"
• Large capacity with a deep well for long parts
• Please select the UPS shipping option
• Quick and Easy dropshp from Esico

High Voltge 220-240v Option:
High Voltage option: No. 71T high voltage solder pot is available upon request. Call for pricing

Price $501.00