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Fluke 80PK-4 Air & Gas Probe / Type-K / REGULAR $112 CLEARANCE

Fluke 80PK-4 Air & Gas Probe / Type-K / REGULAR $112  CLEARANCE

Type-K Themocouple Air Probe is for use with air or gases, except halides and sulfides. The Type K Air Probe is designed for measuring the temperature of air or gases The measuring bead of the probe is protected by a perforated stainless steel baffle to prevent accidental damage. The sheath material is 304 Stainless Steel. The 38-inch ( 1 meter ) cable is terminated with a Type K miniature thermocouple connector with 792mm (. 312 in ) pin spacing. The 80PK-4A can be used with any termperature-measuring instrument designed to accept Type K thermocouples and has miniature connector input. Ships via UPS.

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Regular Price $ 112.49

An affordable alternative to the newer 80PK-24

• New Old Stock
• P/N: 80-PK-4A
• Air Probe
• Thermocouple: Type-K
• Bead protected by perforated baffle
• For use with air or gases ( Exceptions: halides and sulfides )
• Discontinued ( Fluke Recommended replacement: 80PK-24 )
• Made in the USA
• Select the UPS Shipping Option
• Concorde-Electronics was an authorized distributor when this item was purchased

• Type K: standard grade Ni-Cr vs NiAl ( Chromel vs Alumel )
• Measurement Range: -40° to 816° C ( -40° F to 1500° F )
• Accuracy: ( with respect to ANSI MC96.1 Standard limits of Error )
• Output: @25° C ( 77° F ) = 1.00 mV ( reference junction @ 0° C
• Maxium Voltage: 24V ac rms or 60V
• Maximum Temperature of Tip : 816° C ( 1500° F )

Instrument Compatibility:
The 80PK-4A is compatible with any temperature-measuring instrument that accepts Type K thermocouples, has a miniature thermocouple connector and has cold reference junction compensation. Accuracy of the temperature-measuring instrument must be considered along with the 80PK-4A accuracy specification to determine the overall accuracy of the combination.

To avoid electrical shock. Do not use this probe when voltage exceeding 24v RMS or 60 V DC are present, the probe tip is electronically connected to the output terminals.

Price $75.00