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Kester Solid-Wire Solder / Silver-Like / Sn95Sb05 /.093" / REGULAR $78 /CLEARANCE

Kester Solid-Wire Solder / Silver-Like / Sn95Sb05 /.093

Kester solid core wire with Antimony ( Sb ). Antimony provides similar benefits of silver at a much lower cost. Solder does not expire.

• Clearance
• Similar to Tin-Silver but at a much lower cost
• Regular Price $ 77.91

• New Old Stock
• Alloy: Sn95% - Sb05% (Tin 95% - 5% Antimony)
• Wire diameter: .093"
• DOM: not noted on spool
• Shelf life: indefinite
• Solid wire solders do not have a shelf life limitation.
• Size: 1 Lb. spool
• Condition: New unused. The metal spools are in mint condition.
• Specifications: Per ANSI-J-STD-006C, Federal Spec: QQ-S-571e.
• Make a bulk quantity offer and we may be able to lower the price. Send email via eBay (Attn: Dana) Serious offers only.
• Concorde-Electronics is an authorized Kester Solder distributor
• Inventory: 17

Antimony Solders (Sb)
• Antimony (Sb)-based solders are commonly used in applications that need melting points just above the standard solder reflow process range
• Small amounts of antimony (Sb) have been shown to improve the properties of tin-based solder. Most of these are mechanical (strength) benefits, similar to the benefits of silver while being cheaper.

Price adjustment ( april 2019 ) (July 2019)

Price $30.00