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X-Acto X-5204 1/4" Stencil Knife with #4 Replacement Blades

X-Acto X-5204 1/4

This is the No.4 Stencil Knife with 5 Replacement Blades from X-Acto.

New Old Stock
Limited Quantities

• X-Acto blades are extremely sharp
• Lightweight, aluminum ¼" handle
• Textured for a firm grip
• The #4 Stencil Knife Blades are precision-crafted of the highest
• Quality carbon steel with hard, sharp points and finely honed cutting edges
• Versatile knife can handle a variety of tasks.
• Used for precision cutting of delicate materials such as: frisket, film, photgraphs and stencils. • Also use as a lifter
• Equipped with 5 additional blades
• Plastic storage case

Package includes: One No.4 Stencil Knife and Five #4 Stencil Knife Blades

Handle Length: 4-3/8" (11.1cm)

Price $3.50