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American Beauty 10502 Light Capacity Tweezer-Style Resistance Soldering System

American Beauty 10502 Light Capacity Tweezer-Style Resistance Soldering System

An ideal soldering system for delicate, micro-soldering applications where space is limited and components are difficult to access.

Resistance soldering will smash operational bottlenecks with concentrated heat that will reduce solder time and improve solder joint quality. Concentrated heat will eliminate thermal damage of critical components that are adjacent to the soldered area. Instant heat cuts down on energy consumption and electrodes will last twice as long.

• Tweezer handpiece can easily process fine wires; terminations, fiber optics, standard multi pin connectors, electrical and electronic work.
• Lightweight, palm-sized handpiece cools within seconds and has a comfort grip.
• Nickel-chrome electrodes can easily be bent or notched for a custom fit while providing a concentrated heat that will not damage surrounding components.
• Footswitch permits hands-free control while elminating the problems of sparking
• Infinitely-variable power unit controls temperature helping to avoid the damage often caused by thermal overshoot.
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• 250 watts
• Connection type: tapered pins
• Electrode size (diameter): .078 in (0.20 cm)
• Electrode length: 1-1/2 in.
• Equipped with copper-clad stainless steel electrodes (10542)
• Opening between electrodes: .25 in (0.64 cm)
• Lighted rocker switch
• Heavy duty aluminum casing
• User friendly handpiece: 4 ft. 14-2 HPN cord
• Footswitch: 6 ft. 3-wire cord and piggback plug
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Suggested Applications
• Solder wire terminations 18 awg and finer
• Solder fiber optic cable into gold plated termination
• Solder & repair SMT component leads for thru hole pcb assembly
• Repair fine jewelry
• Solder microwave cable assemblies
• Solder RF connector pins
• Solder lead wires to multi-pin tap switch connector

Package Contents
•Light tweezer-style handpiece (10541)
•Iron-clade stainless steel electrodes: 5/64 in. (10542)
•Standard footswitch (10519)
•250 watt infinitely-variable power unit (105A12)

Price $485.00