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American Beauty 10504 Standard Capacity Tweezer-Style Resistance Soldering System

American Beauty 10504 Standard Capacity Tweezer-Style Resistance Soldering System

American Beauty 10504 is ideal for the heavy-duty soldering of antenna leads, semi-rigid coaxial cable, connections up to 1/4", heavy gauge wire, terminals, lugs and posts. .

Resistance soldering will smash operational bottlenecks with concentrated heat that will reduce solder time and improve solder joint quality.

• Concentrated heat will eliminate thermal damage of critical components that are adjacent to the soldered area.
• Instant heat cuts down on energy consumption and electrodes will last twice as long.
• Tweezer handpiece can easily process fine wires; terminations, fiber optics, standard multi pin connectors, electrical and electronic work.
• Controlled and concentrated heat and will not affect heat-sensitive components that lie adjacent to the connection
• Lightweight, palm-sized handpiece cools within seconds and has a comfort grip.
• Nickel-chrome electrodes can easily be bent or notched for a custom fit
• Iron provides a concentrated heat that will not damage surrounding components.
• Footswitch permits hands-free power while elminating the problems of sparking
• Infinitely-variable power unit controls temperature helping to avoid the damage often caused by thermal overshoot.
Quick and easy drop ship from American Beauty

• 250 Watts
• Connection type: tapered pins
• Electrode size / diameter: .125 in.(0.32 cm)
• Electrode length: 3 in.
• Opening between electrodes: .625 in. (1.59 cm)
• Replacement electrodes: 10594
• Heavy duty aluminum casing
• User-friendly handpiece: 4 ft. high strand DLO cord
• Footswitch: 6 ft. 3-wire cord with piggback plug
• RoHS compliant
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•Solder semi-rigid coaxial cable terminations up to .141 in.
•Solder wire terminations 12 awg and finer
•Solder cable assemblies in production-line environments
•Remanufacturer small electric DC motors
•Solder connectors on to RF cables
•Solder chip resistors onto pcbs with large heat sinks

Package Contents
•Standard tweezer-style handpiece (105127)
•Standard footswitch (10519)
•1/8 in. copper-clad / stainless steel electrodes (10594)
•250 w infinitely-variable power unit (105A12)

Price $556.50