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American Beauty 10599 Micro Capacity Tweezer-Style Resistance Soldering System

American Beauty 10599 Micro Capacity Tweezer-Style  Resistance Soldering System

An ideal soldering system for delicate, micro-soldering applications where space is limited and components are difficult to access.

Resistance soldering will smash operational bottlenecks with concentrated heat that will reduce solder time and improve solder joint quality.

• Tweezer handpiece can easily process fine wires,solder terminations, pcb-thru-hole and very small connections with pinpoint accuracy.
• Lightweight, palm-sized handpiece cools within seconds and has a comfort grip.
• Nickel-chrome electrodes can easily be bent or notched for a custom fit.
• Footswitch permits hands-free control while elminating the problems of sparking
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• 100 Watt
• Connection type: tapered pins
• Electrode size (diameter): .04 in (0.10 cm)
• Opening between electrodes: .325 in (0.83 cm)
• Replacement electrodes: 105134
• User friendly handpiece: 4 ft. 14-2 HPN cord
• Footswitch: 6 ft. 3-wire cord with piggback plug
• Pilot light
• Heavy duty aluminum casing
• RoHS compliant
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Suggested Applications
• Reflow solder on pcb leads
• Micro miniature setups
• Process fine wires
• Terminations
• Very small assemblies
• Multi-pin connectors
• Repair and solder model trains
• Repair electronic control units

Package Contents.
•Micro tweezer handpiece (105133)
•.04 in. Ni-chrom electrodes (105134)
•Standard footswitch (10519)
•100-watt Infinetely-variable power unit (105A3)

Price $425.00