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Chemtronics CTAR-12 Konform® AR Acrylic Conformal Coating 11.5 oz. Aerosol

Chemtronics CTAR-12 Konform AR Acrylic Conformal Coating 11.5 oz. Aerosol

The acrylic coating engineered for effective insulation against high-voltage arcing and shorts

Konform® AR is ideal for providing insulation against high-voltage arcing and corona shorts. This extremely effective acrylic conformal coating provides a hard, durable protective barrier against humidity, salt, corrosive vapors and fungus for printed circuit board and electronic assemblies. Konform® AR resin meets MIL-I-46058C, Type AR.

• Aerospace
• Data Communications
• Instrumentation
• Automotive and marine manufacturing
• Process Control

Konform® Conformal coatings are used for spray, dip tank and brush applications. They protect printed circuit boards, components and flex circuitry from damage. These coatings provide excellent electrical insulation properties that withstand hot and cold operating environments, as well as heat generated by electronic circuitry. The clear, tough, transparent coatings will not fragment, chip or crack, thereby providing excellent protection.

“ No mixing is required
• Clear transparent coating
• Excellent dielectric strength
• Helps prevent arcing and shorts
• Increases life of electronic assemblie
• Plastic safe
• Provides excellent acid resistance
• Will not discolor over time under normal use
• Coating provides acid resistance is easily repairable
• Contains a UV indicator for thorough Quality Control inspection
• Flammable, Ozone Safe; CFC/HCFC free

Konform® AR CTAR-12 Specifications:
• Size: 11.5 oz. aerosol
• Color: clear, transparent

• Acrylic coating working temperature: -75°F/-59°C to 279°F/137°C
• High dielectric strengths of 1100 volts/mil or more.
• Tack Free Time: 30 min.
• Curing Conditions: 24 Hours @ 77°F (25°C)
(@ 80% R.H.) 8 Hours @ 170°F (77°C)
• High dielectric strength: 8300 volts/mil
• Easily repairable
• RoHS Compliant
• Meets Mil-I-46058C, Type AR, Compliant to IPC-CC-830A ,UL Recognized E76307
• Case qty: 12 cans

Price $31.90