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Hexacon SI-115H-150W Heavy Duty Plug-Tip Hatchet Soldering Iron 3/8" Tip, 150W

Hexacon SI-115H-150W Heavy Duty Plug-Tip Hatchet Soldering Iron 3/8

Hexacon Heavy Duty Plug-Tip Soldering Irons are designed for continuous duty with fast heat recovery.

Hatchet irons reposition the center of gravity closer to the hand producing less turning movement on the wrist and shoulder. All of the work is done by the forearm helping to reduce operator fatigue.

• The case is machined from nickel- plated alloy steel and practically indestructible.
• Protective front nut will absorb the impact and shock that would otherwise damage the element whenever the hot iron is dropped into the holder
• Hardwood handle
• Three wire, hi temperature neoprene power cord
• Select the UPS shipping option

Hexacon SI-115H-150W Specifications:
• Idle Temperature 970°
• 150 watts
• Equipped with a wide semi-chisel soldering tip (No. HT140X)
• Tip diameter is 3/8" and interchangable with other 3/8" plug-type tips.
• Case Diameter 13/16"

SI-115H-150W Suggested Applications
• Heavy duty electrical and electronics
• Large turrets, terminals, and backplates.
• Ground connectors
• Medium and light gauge sheet metal work
• Plumbing applications..

Price $229.70