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Hakko A1586 Replacement Main Filter

Hakko A1586 Replacement Main Filter

Hakko Replacement Main Filter

• Fits: FA-430, HJ3100
• MAIN FILTER for FA-430 Fume Extraction System
• Pleated filter captures 98% of particles 0.3µm in size.
• Please Note: The HJ3100 Main Filter (PN: 999-137) has been replaced with the new Hakko FA-430 fume extraction Main Filter (PN: A1586).
• The FA-430 Main Filter was designed to optimize filtration and airflow in the smallest volume of space, thus making the FA-430 unit and Main Filter smaller than the HJ3100.

If you have a Hakko HJ3100 fume extraction system, the new FA-430 Main Filter will work in your HJ3100 with the Hakko Filter Adapter Frame (PN: 999-241).

The Hakko Filter Adapter Frame was designed to ensure a good seal between the lid of the HJ3100 and the smaller FA-430 Main Filter.

Sale Price $119.70