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Hakko FM203-01 Dual Port Soldering System

Hakko FM203-01 Dual Port Soldering System

Hakko Dual Port Soldering System - FM203-01
2 Ports, ESD, w/o TIP, FM-203

The FM-203 offers two soldering ports for a variety of soldering tools that can be used in a variety of combinations, including soldering irons, SMD hot tweezers and/or desoldering tools.
Note: Desoldering tool requires the Hakko FM-2024 desoldering module.

The FM-203 features:
• process control so you can select any temperature you want without changing the tip - one tip, any temperature!
• temperature range 200 - 450°C (400 - 840°F)
• temperature accuracy ±15°C
• LED in handpiece tells the operator the iron is hot
• auto shutoff
• sleep mode functionality
• No Calibration Necessary
Note: Tips are NOT included.
Attention: The FM-203 ships with one (1) FM2027-03 soldering handpiece.

Part Number: FM203-DP
Attention: The FM-203 ships with two (2) FM2027-03 soldering handpieces.

Note: The FM-203 stations with serial numbers before 02203211002129 will require the purchase of an upgrade. Due to the upgrade process requirements, upgrades cannot be performed in the field. Stations must be returned to American Hakko under an CASE for this upgrade, at which time the upgrade (PN: FM203-UPGR) can be purchased with the FM2030-02 kit and your selection of T22 tips.

Sale Price $621.00