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Hakko FR-870B IR Preheater 2-Bank Benchtop Circuit Board Heater

Hakko FR-870B IR Preheater 2-Bank Benchtop Circuit Board Heater

Hakko FR-870 benchtop board preheater is designed to heat printed circuit board assemblies for more effective soldering and desoldering. Particularly useful for medium to high-mass board assemblies where alternative heating methods are not an option. Select a static set temperature, a three-temperature ramp and soak or set a target temperature with the interactive thermocouple.

Hakko FR-870B-04 IR Preheater Features:
• 2 independent switchable zones. 2-bank unit can heat two smaller boards simultaneously
• Adjustable board holder will accomodate a variety of board sizes
• Manual or auto modes of operation
• Preheat control by power for thermocouple
• Soft EPO to protect assemblies
• Small footprint and low profile
• Faster than ceramic IR heating
• Integrates with the Hakko FR-803B and FM-206
• Easy to remove reflector for cleaning and finding lost components

Hakko FR-870 Specifications:
• PCB capacity: 9.7" x 5.5" (248 x 140mm)
• Power consumption: 580W / 120v
• Board capacity: 9.7" x 5.5" (248 x 140mm)
• Heaters: Quartz low mass infrared
• Heater control: Mirco-processor/ PID
• Operating modes: External t/c control: manual
External t/c control: automatic
% of power: manual
% of power: automatic
• External t/c range: 122 - 392 degrees F (50-200 degrees C)
• Weight: 7.5 lbs. (3.4kg)
• Outer dimensions: 11.4" w x 3.9" h x 12.1" d (290 x 100 x 308mm)

• FR-870 Pre-heater
• Power cord (B2419)
• Thermocouple (B3516)
• Spare/replacement lamp (A1574)

+ Safety approval: MET

Price $1,076.47