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Hexacon HD-8900 Heat Guard Soldering Iron Holder

Hexacon HD-8900 Heat Guard Soldering Iron Holder

Hexacon 8900 is a safe and sturdy stand for soldering irons.

• Minimize heat sinking so that the full heat of the iron is always available for soldering
• Easy-to-adjust angled position of the holder keeps the iron handle at a safe and comfortable
• Iron holder has no sharp edges or rough surfaces that could scratch or damage the soldering tip

Hexacon HD-8900 Features:
• Clamps soldering iron in a fixed position for hands-free use
• Position iron at any angle and height
• Heavy steel base with non-skid pad prevents movement on tabletop
• Rigid post and strong clamps provide safe, steady mounting

For use with Hexacon soldering irons: Pinpoint Inline Irons, SI-P30, SI-P34, SI-34H, SI-P35, SI-34, SI-35H, SI-P115, SI-P155, SI-P151, SP-P152, SI-P200, SI-P250, SI-P300, SI-P550, SI-85, SI-120- SI-170, SI-225 SI-350, SI-500, SI-700, SI-800 and SI-900.

Price $177.00