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Hexacon SI-24S 40W Super-S Soldering Iron - 1/4" Tip

Hexacon SI-24S 40W Super-S Soldering Iron -  1/4

Hexacon Super S Soldering Iron is engineered to be a durable iron even during lengthy, high volume production line soldering applications.

• Easy to maintain. The tip, element, cord and handle are independently replaceable
• When correctly matched to the application, the thermal working zone (TWZ) performance is comparable to many temperature-controlled stations
• A comparable performer to Pinpoint Irons when it comes to production line use
• Burn resistant, flexible neoprene cord will withstand accidental contact with a hot iron

Hexacon SI-24S-40W Super S Soldering Iron
• Idle Temperature 925°
• 40 Watts
• Iron is equipped with a 1/4" semi chisel soldering tip (No. HT313X)
• Iron is built around a 1/2" diameter stainless steel case
• Hi-temperature, flexible neoprene power cord
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Price $94.45