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Hexacon SI-P250 Extra Heavy Duty Plug-Tip Soldering Iron 5/8", 250 W

Hexacon SI-P250 Extra Heavy Duty Plug-Tip Soldering Iron 5/8

Hexacon Extra Heavy Duty Plug-Tip Soldering Irons are designed for continuous duty with fast heat recovery.

• The case is machined from nickel- plated alloy steel and practically indestructible.
• Protective front nut will absorb the impact and shock that would otherwise damage the element whenever the hot iron is dropped into the holder

Hexacon SI-P250-250W Features:
• 250 watts
• Idle Temperature 1030°
• Hardwood handle
• Three wire, hi temperature neoprene power cord
• S-12 cradle
• Equipped with a 5/8" semi-chisel soldering tip (No. HT499X)
• Tip diameter is 5/8" and interchangable with other 5/8" plug-type tips
• Select the UPS shipping option

SI-P250-250W Suggested Applications:
• Heavy duty electrical and electronics.
• Industrial glass applications, restoration and rebar
• Large turret terminals, ground connections & backplates
• Medium & light gauge sheet metal work
• Plumbing applications

Price $258.75