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Kester 1544 RA Rosin-Activated Flux / 1-Gallon 63-0000-1544

Kester 1544 RA Rosin-Activated Flux / 1-Gallon 63-0000-1544

Kester 1544/G is a homogeneous solution of high quality, purified Grade WW rosin blended into an alcohol solvent system.

• Activating agent has been added to provide superior fluxing ability.
• Created for non-activated and mildly activated rosin fluxes that are too inactive to remove metal oxides
• Ideal for potentially corrosive water soluble acid fluxes in which proper and complete residue removal is not possible.
• Intended for the instant wetting and excellent capillary flow of electronic assemblies soldering.
• Liquid equivalent of Kester 44 Activated Rosin Core Solder.


• Kester Part Number: 63-0000-1544
• Solids (typical): 50%.
• Specific gravity: 0.917-0.928
• Flash point: 18° C (64° F)
• Complies to IPC/J-STD-004.
• HazMat classification: UN1987

Hazardous Materials Shipping
• UPS HazMat shipping charges to be determined.

• HazMat items will be condensed into as few packages as possible to minimize the UPS HazMat fees.

Price $102.15