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Kester Wire Solder Sn63Pb37 (63-37) // #331 Organic Water-Soluble // .031" dia. // 3.3% Core (24-6337-6403)

Kester Wire Solder Sn63Pb37 (63-37) // #331 Organic Water-Soluble // .031

Kester "331" Organic Water-Soluble flux is more effective than rosin flux when working with difficult-to-solder metals. Organic flux is more heat stable than most organic fluxes and the residue can be completely removed with a simple water rinse

Pricing for this product is subject to change daily

• Compatible Metals: Platinum, gold, copper, tin, solder, silver, nickel, cadmium, brass, lead, bronze, rhodium, beryllium copper, palladium, immersion tin, immersion silver, nickel-iron and Kovar.

Sn63 Pb37 331Product Performance
• Excellent solderability for a wide variety of metallization processes
• Easy residue removal with softened tap water or deionized water (recommended)
• Neutralizers, saponifiers or detergents are not necessary for residue removal.
• Produces a minimal amount of smoke and odor

• Residue is conductive and may cause corrosion of metal parts over time.

Kester 24-6337-6403 Specifications
• Wire Diameter, .031", 0.80mm (21 gauge)
• Alloy: SN63 / PB37 (63% tin, 37% lead)
• Melting Range: 361º F, 183º C
• Core Flux: Organic water soluble
• Core Size: 66 (regualr size 3.3% flux)
• Spool Size: 1 lb.
• RoHS Compliant: No
• Classified as ORH1 per J-STD-004

Fluxes: If needed, Kester 2331-ZX organic flux may be used to aid in the reworking of soldered joints. Flux is available in gallon, 5-gallon, drum or flux pen sizes for optimum board cleanliness.

Price $21.99