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Kester 951 No-Clean Flux / 1-Gallon 63-0000-0951

Kester 951 No-Clean Flux / 1-Gallon 63-0000-0951

Kester 951 is a halogen-free, non-rosin organic flux designed for single wave soldering of conventional and surface mount circuit board assemblies. Boards are dry and clean in appearance as they exit the wave solder machine.

HazMat Shipping Charges to Be Determined. This product requires special handling. See details below.

• Kester Part No. 63-0000-0951
• No residues to interfere with electrical testing.
• Designed for spray or foam applications
• Corrosion inhibitor helps to protect copper surfaces exposed to humid environments.
• Almost no residue on the assembly after soldering.
• Minimizes the incidence of solder bridges (shorts) and excessive solder defects.

Technical Info
• Solids content (theorectical): 2%
• Specific gravity: 0.789 +/- 0.003
• Acid number (typical): 14.3mg KOH/g flux
• Product Compliance: Bellcore Issue 1, GR-78-CORE, IPCANSI/J-STD-004, Flux Designator ORL0

Hazardous Materials Shipping Information
• Shipping charges to be determined
• Kester 951 flux can only be shipped via common carrier due to D.O.T. regulations. This product can no longer be shipped via UPS or FedEx Ground shipping.

Price $59.00