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Kester 959 No-Clean Flux Low Solids / 1-Gallon 63-0000-0959

Kester 959 No-Clean Flux Low Solids / 1-Gallon 63-0000-0959

Kester 959/G is a no-clean, non-corrosive, halogen-free liquid flux that is designed for the wave soldering of conventional and surface mount circuit board assemblies. Effective wetting and evenly distributed residues leave solder joints shiny for good cosmetic appearance.

Kester 959 Features:
• Minimize the formation of micro-solderballs during wave soldering operations.
• Improve solderability, heat stability and surface insulation resistance.
• Leaves evenly distributed residues for the best cosmetic appearance leaving solder joints shiny.
• Residue removal is not required on most applications.

• Buy a case of 4 gallons and pay the same HazMat fee.

• Kester Part No. 63-0000-0959
• Rosin percentage: 1%
• Solids: 3.9 %
• Alcohol based.
• HazMat classification: UN1219

Hazardous Materials Shipping
• UPS HazMat shipping charges to be determined.

• HazMat items will be condensed into as few packages as possible to minimize the UPS HazMat fees.

Price $51.00