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Kester R562 Water Soluble Solder Paste Sn63 Pb37, 600 Gr. Cartridge (70-2102-0511)

Kester R562 Water Soluble Solder Paste Sn63  Pb37, 600 Gr. Cartridge (70-2102-0511)

Keter 57-3201-7513 organic, water-soluble solder paste specifically designed for resistance to environmental extremes.
Paste will not dry out at low humidity or "slump" at high humidity. Easily clean residues with deionized water up to 96 hours after processing.

Standard Applications:
• Stencil printing
• Enclosed head printing

Kester Water Soluble R562 Features:
• Bright, shiny joints
• Stencil life: 12 hours
• Compatible with enclosed print head systems
• Capable of multiple reflow profiles before a cleaning operation is required
• Consistent printing over a range of temperatures and humidity
• Excellent solderability to a wide variety of metallizations including Palladium
• Residues easily removed with hot DI water even up to 96 hours after processing
• Select the UPS shipping option

• Alloy: Sn63Pb37
• Type 3
• Metals: 90%
• Mesh size: -325+500
• Reduces BGA voiding to <3%
• Print speeds: up to 6 in/sec
• Classified as ORH0 per J-STD-004
• Not regulated
• Refrigeration required
• Old Part No. 57-3201-7513

Transportation Regulations
• Solder paste must be shipped overnight via UPS Red
• Shipments within UPS Zone 2 (NJ zip 07606) can ship via UPS ground

Price $82.20

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