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Kester Ultra-Pure Bar Solder - Sn63 Pb37 - 5-lb. - (04-6337-0050)

Kester Ultra-Pure Bar Solder - Sn63 Pb37  -  5-lb. -   (04-6337-0050)

Kester Ultra Pure bar solder is used for high tech electronic applications where lower surface tension and hole filling ability are essential.

Pricing for this product is subject to change daily

• Sn63 Pb37 (63% tin, 37% lead)
• Quantity: 5-lbs. (3 bars)
• Weight per bar: 1-2/3 lbs.
• Melting Point: 183° C (361° F)
• Solder far exceeds the requirements of QQ-S-571-F, ASTM B32 and IPC/J-STD-006.

Ordering Information / Options
•To order 5-lbs of solder, enter a quantity of: 1
• Bar Solder must be purchased in increments of 5 lbs.
Order Solder by the Case (25 lbs.)

Why do I have to buy 5 lbs. of bar solder when I only want one pound?
The weight of one bar of solder is 1-2/3 lbs. Three bars of solder is equivalent to 5 lbs. It is impossible to price a product that weighs 1-2/3 lbs. and the solder bars cannot be cut.

Price $66.00