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Kester Ultra-Pure Bar Solder // Sn63Pb37 // 5-lb. (44-6337-0050)

Kester Ultra-Pure Bar Solder // Sn63Pb37 // 5-lb.  (44-6337-0050)

Kester Ultra Pure bar solder is used for high tech electronic applications where lower surface tension and hole filling ability are essential.

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Kester Ultra-Pure Bar Solder Specifications:
• Kester P/N: 44-6337-0050
• Sn63 Pb37 (63% tin, 37% lead)
Quantity: 5-lbs. (3 bars)
• Weight per bar: 1-2/3 lbs.
• Melting Point: 183° C (361° F)
• Solder far exceeds the requirements of QQ-S-571-F, ASTM B32 and IPC/J-STD-006.

Ordering Information / Options
• To order 5-lbs of solder, enter a quantity of: 1
• Bar Solder must be purchased in increments of 5 lbs.
For a full case ( 25 lbs. ) see the listing for 25 lbs. quantity

Why do I have to buy 5 lbs. of bar solder when I only want one pound?
The weight of one bar of solder is 1-2/3 lbs. Three bars of solder is equivalent to 5 lbs. It is not possible to price a product that weighs 1-2/3 lbs. and the solder bars cannot be cut.

Pricing for this product is subject to change daily

Price $120.00