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Metro TB94650BAS ESD-Safe Static Dissipative Tote Box | Blue (ID 24" x 6" x 6") CLEARANCE

Metro TB94650BAS ESD-Safe Static Dissipative Tote Box | Blue (ID 24

Store and transport static sensitive electronic parts with complete ESD protection. Totes are stackable keeping benchtops and floor space clear of clutter. Totes are equipped with snaps for ticket holders. Benstat static dissipative totes are not affected by ecessive handling or long-term storage and is acceptable for clean room applications. OVERSTOCK SPECIAL - CLEARANCE.

Estimated Availaiblity: 16

Metro Olympic Features:
• ESD-safe
• Made of static dissipative Benstat polypropylene material
• Durable injection molded polypropylene plastic
• Stack totes with or without the lid
• Keep benchtops and floor space clear of clutter
• Not affected by excessive handling or long-term storage
• Ideal for clean room applications, laboratories and surgical suites
• Permanently static dissipative and not dependent upon moisture for conductivity
• Optional dividers customize your tote for smaller items
• Optional covers protect products from dust
• Optional card holders for easy product id
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Metro Olympic Specifications:
• Tote color: blue
• Surface resistivity: more than 1055 ohms/sq. and less than 1012 ohms/sq.
• Maxiumum number of cells:

Dimensions (i.d.):
• Length: 22"
• Width: 4.50"
• Height: 4.88"

Dimensions Top (o.d.):
• Length: 24"
• Width: 6"
• Height: 5"

TB94650BAS Accessories:
• Long divider (maximum: 3) DL242004BAS (not available)
• Short divider (maximum 17) DS94650BAS (Available inventory: 28 dividers P/N DS94650CAS Black Conductive. Blue dividers not available)
Cover not available

Price $35.00