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Plato 1755 Big Shear Heavy Duty Cutters

Plato 1755 Big Shear Heavy Duty Cutters

Plato 1755 Big Shear reduces the problems associated with cable cut-end distortion with a clean shearing cut. Tool has cutting edges that by-pass, like blades on a scissor, producing a precise, shear cut. By-pass cutting action means less pressure on the component, precision cuts with less effort and longer tool life lead Less cutting effort combined with a non-slip cushioned grip will minimize fatigue related complaints.

• Round or flat cables, co-ax, wire harnesses, nickel, Kovar and other wire

• Minimize cable, cut-end distortion
• By-pass blades cut like the blades on a scissor
• Make precision cuts with less damage to components
• Lighweight
• Non-slip, cushion grips fit comfortably in the hand
• Thin profile for access to hard-to-reach areas
• Ergonomic, rubber, non-slip grip
• Non-glare black finish is easy on the eyes,

Plato BigShear 1755 Specifications:
• Length: 5 in.

PlatoShear 1755 Features:
Length: 6 in.

Price $18.90