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Stanley 14-547 12-3/4" DuckBill Pattern, All Purpose Snips, 3" Cut CLEARANCE

Stanley 14-547 12-3/4

Clearance. Limited quantities.
3" duckbill pattern best for curved cuts. Ideal for cutting sheet metal, wire floor covering and tile. Tool is drop forged for extra strength and precision ground blades for long lasting cutting edges. High leverage ratio for easier cutting. Metals: cut tin, steel, aluminum, gutters, stove pipe, metal duct work. Cutting Tiles: floor and wall,, asphalt, rubber, plastics, metal, corrugated, linoleum and rugs. Cutting Screen: light fencing, wire and metal strappping. (Representative image. This tool does not have cushioned grips)

This cutter does NOT have cushioned grips. The handles are all metal. This is a representative image.

Price $16.60