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Metal-In ESD Static Shielding Bags / Zip-Top /3 x 5 / 3-mil / (100/pk)

Metal-In ESD Static Shielding Bags /  Zip-Top /3 x 5 / 3-mil / (100/pk)

3x5 zip-top transparent metal-in shielding bags protect static sensitive components and parts from ESD damage.
Puncture and tear resistant ESD bags are heat sealable for safe shipping and storage. These bags do not accumulate charge and the metal shield stops static fields and charges from damaging the electronics stored inside. The Zip-Top feature eliminates the need to heat seal or tape bags shut. Ships via UPS

3x5 Zip-Top Static Shielding Bag Features
• Size: 3x5 (opening on the 3-in side)
• Zip top for easy package sealing
• Heat sealable
• Puncture and tear resistant
• Resists non-corrosive liquids
• Metalized polyester
• Aluminum shielding layer creates a Faraday Cage shield
• Transparant
• Package qty: 100 bags
• Mfr. part no.: 30035/Z

• Thickness: 3.0 mils
• Surface resistance: interior/exterior: <1x1011 ohms
• Static decay: < 2 seconds
• Puncture resistance: 12 lbs, 53N
• Transparency: 40%
• Meets or Exceeds Mil-B81705 Rev-D and RoHS directives. Specs MIL-STD-3010 4046 and MIL-STD-3010 1003

Price $9.70