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ACL 6001 ESD-Safe Mat & Table Top Cleaner - 1 Qt.

ACL 6001 ESD-Safe Mat & Table Top Cleaner -  1 Qt.

Non-abrasive, static dissipative formula will clean and protect mats and table tops from ESD. Rejuvenate "dead" spots on anti-static mats. Ships via UPS

• Easily remove flux residues, finger prints, grease, dirt, grime and inorganic contaminants
• Non-abrasive
• Non-flammable
• Streak-free formula will not leave a residue
• Rejuvenates "dead" spots
• Remove flux residues, grease, finger prints, grime and inorganic contaminants.
• Remove dirt without degrading the surfaces' anti-static properties.
• Alkali and ammonia free
• Extend the life of ESD mats
Easy to Use: Apply liberally to the areas to be cleaned. Wait 2-3 minutes and wipe dry.

• Meets or exceeds MIL 81705 & NFPA 56A
• Case Quantity: 12 bottles
• Minimum order: 12 bottles (1 case)
Convenient Drop-Shipment from the Factory
• Select the UPS shipping option

Price $6.65