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ACL 8620 Flux Remover | Heavy Duty | 12 oz. Aerosol

ACL 8620 Flux Remover | Heavy Duty | 12 oz. Aerosol

Flux Remover Heavy Duty will remove the toughest deposits of organic flux, soldering oils, handling oils and other contaminants such as dirt, grease and molding compounds. Ideal for electronic subassemblies, printed circuit boards and all other electronic components.

Suggested Applications
Heavy duty flux remover is suitable for use on printed circuit boards, motors, generators, metal housings, plugs, relays, contacts, switches, surface mount devices and pads.

• Quickly removes all rosin and no-clean flux types
• Removes encrusted, baked-on fluxes and residues
• Evaporates quickly
• Does not leave a residue
• Removes oil, grease, ionic and non-ionic residues
• Non-abrasive and non-corrosive.
• Mild ethereal color
• Non-flammable

• Ozone safe: CFC/HCFC free
• VOC: CARB/89%
• Case qty: 12 cans
• Minimum Order: 6 cans
• Qucik and easy drop-ship from the Factory
• Select the UPS shipping option

Price $27.20