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American Beauty 10503X High-Capacity Thermal Wirestripping System

American Beauty 10503X High-Capacity Thermal Wirestripping System

High Capacity Wirestripping System

Thermal wire stripping is an age-old method of stripping the insulative jacket from your wire with 100% assurance that you are not nicking the conductor.

• Adjust the stop block to the desired length.
• Handpiece will activate as soon as its removed from its craddle.
Insert a wire between the blades. Use the lowest power setting that allows the blades to quickly 'cut' through the insulation.
• When the blades sever the insulation, rotate 1/4 turn as you continue to apply heat.
• Once the insulation is completely severed around the wire, release the heat and use your fingers to pull off the insulation sleeve.

Features and Benefits
• Made in the USA
• 250 Watts of (2.6 VAC) Infinitely Variable Power permits quick stripping without excess thermal damage to the insulator
• Light-weight, palm-sized hand piece with comfort grip padding minimizes operator fatigue.
• Wide variety of Ni-Chrome wire stripping elements are available allowing user to find the perfect fit for their application.
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Optional Replacement Parts:
10517 Standard Wirestripping Handpiece
10545 Ni-Chrome Wirestripping Elements (Round, Single Notched)
105A12 250 Watt Infinitely-Variable Resistance Soldering Power Unit

Optional Accessories:
10520 Ni-Chrome Wirestripping Elements (Flat, Double Notched)
10529 Ni-Chrome Wirestripping Elements (Flat, Single Notched)

• Connection Type Tapered Pins
• Wattage 250 watts
• Effectively Strips (AWG) 14 AWG & Finer
• Dimensions: 8.25 x 6.50 in / 20.96 x 16.51 cm
• Country of Origin: US
• Harmonization Code: 8515.11.0000
• RoHS Compliant
• IEC 60335-1, Edition 5.1, 2013-12
• IEC 60335-2-45, Edition 3.2, 2012-01
• WEEE Compliant
CE Certified
Available in 220-240 upon request