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Chemtronics C910 9x9" ControlWipes Clean Room Polyester-Cellulose Lint-Free Wipes | 150 wipes/pk

Chemtronics C910 9x9

Chemtronics ControlWipes C910
ControlWipes™ consist of cellulose and polyester nonwoven fabric. These wipers have excellent absorbency, and contamination entrapment, as well as high strength. ControlWipes™ are ideal as an economical utility wipe for any clean area.

• Nonwoven, spunlaced polyester cellulose fabric
• General purpose lint-free wipe
• Packaged in a Class 100 cleanroom environment
• Strong, will not tear or shred; will not unravel or lint
• High absorbency and liquid retention
• Will not abrade surfaces
• Resistant to most solvents, alcohols and dilute acids
• For critical environment applications requiring contamination control

• Part No.: C910
” Size: 9"x9" (22.9 cm x 22.9 cm)
• 150 wipes per bag,

• Clean Water Processing Areas
• Clean-up Acids and other Chemical Spills
• Wipe Down of Machinery, and Instrumentation
• Clean Photo-Mask Areas
• Clean Laminar Flow Benches
• Clean Quartzware
• General Purpose Wiping in Cleanrooms

Price $48.00