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Chemtronics ES2289 Max-Kleen Citris Cleaner Degreaser | Aerosol | 15 oz.

Chemtronics ES2289 Max-Kleen Citris Cleaner Degreaser |  Aerosol | 15 oz.

Max-Kleen Citrus Degreaser
Citrus-based extra-strength degreaser

Max-Kleen™ Citrus is ideal for removal of all types of soils including oxidized grease, sludge, wax, tar and oil. The moderate evaporation rate increases the cleaning power for hard-to-remove soils. The low surface tension provides for superior wetting to clean in even the tightest spots. Max-Kleen™ Citrus is registered with the NSF as a C1 cleaner for use in food processing facilities. Ships via UPS

• Citrus-based formula
• Engineered for fast removal of oxidized grease, sludge, wax, tar and oil
• Dielectric strength of 62 kV
• Does not contain chlorinated solvents
• Non-corrosive and nonconductive
• Safe on most metals and plastics
• NSF Registered — Nonfood Compounds/Code C1
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• Mechanical Parts Cleaning
• Removal of tar and waxes from metal surfaces and parts
• Automotive, aerospace, and general fabrication industries degreasing
• Cleaning of hand tools and test probes
• Ideal for use with a wipe

• Size: 15 oz. / 425 g Aerosol
• Solubility in Water: Negligible
• Boiling Point: 300ºF / 149ºC Initial
• Specific Gravity: 0.78
• Vapor Pressure @68ºF 2.0 mmHg
• Appearance: Clear, colorless liquid
• Odor: Mild Citrus
• Evaporation Rate: <1 (butyl acetate =1)
• Dielectric Breakdown: 62 kV (ASTM D-877)
• Kauri-Butanol 45 (KB) Number
• NSF Registered Aerosol: #139462
• RoHS Compliant

Material Compatibility
Max-Kleen Citrus is compatible with most metals and plastics. As with any solvent, compatibility with substrate should be determined on a non-critical area prior to use.

•ABS Good
•Buna-N Good
•EPDM Fair
•Graphite Excellent
•HDPE Excellent
•PVDF Excellent
•LDPE Good
•Lexan Good
•Neoprene Good
•Noryl Excellent
•Nylon 66 Excellent
•Polycarbonate Good
•Polypropylene Good
•Polystyrene Fair
•PVC Fair
•Silicone Rubber Fair
•Teflon Excellent
•Viton Excellent

Price $8.80