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Chemtronics SX50 Super FlexTips Foam Swabs - 4.5" - 50/Pack

Chemtronics SX50 Super FlexTips Foam Swabs - 4.5

Clearance.. New Low Price.

The Chemtronics SX50 is a 4.45" long polyurethane foam swab with 0.81" tip. The tough nylon paddle is highly flexible and virtually unbreakable.
•Traps surface particles while cleaning
• High solvent capacity holds solvent well
• fiberless construction does not generate loose fibers or particles
• No adhesives or binders are used in the construction
• Economical for high quantity applications

• Head Material: Polyurethane Foam
• Overall Swab Length: 4.45in
• Head Size: 0.81x 0.25in
• Handle Thickness: 0.16 x 0.16in
• Quantity: 50 swabs

Price $45.45