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Erem #99E (U99E) 4-1/2" Round Head Super Full Flush Precison Diagonal Cutters CLEARANCE

Erem #99E (U99E) 4-1/2

Utica-Swiss Precision-Made Premium-Quality tools are manufactured by Erem and Made in the USA.

Clearance • New Old Stock • Limited Quantities

Inventory: 1

Super Full Flush round head cutter General purpose tool for cutting soft wire 22AWG or smaller

• Brand: Utica-Swiss / Erem
• Erem acquired Utica-Swiss and merged the product lines. Tool is Manufacturerd by Erem.
• Turquoise green ergonomic rubber grips
• Polished head
• Leaf spring

• Overall length: 4-1/2
• Cutting capacity: soft wire 22AWG or smaller
• Jaw length: .433"
• Head thickness: .256"
• Cutting edge length: .433"

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USPS shipping is available for this item upon request. Add a note to your order at checkout requesting USPS shipping. We will adjust the shipping charge.

Price $40.00