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Esico-Triton 80T-LF (P800020-LF) "The Swimming-Pool Variable-Temp Lead-Free" X-Large Solder Pot | Temperature Control | 33 lbs. Capacity | 650º Max

Esico-Triton 80T-LF (P800020-LF)

Esico 80T-LF (P800020-LF) lThe Swimming-Pool Extra Large Rectangular Adjustable Temperature Lead-Free Compatible Solder Pot is extensively used for short run soldering and desoldering of thru-hole printed circuit boards. Unit features an adjustable thermostat for selecting the optimum operating temperature. This pot is built from gray cast iron and ceramically coated to help protect against corrosive lead-free solders . Crucibles are thin-lipped for operator convenience, comfort and high-volume production.

• Esico-Triton Part No.: 80T-LF (P800020LF)
• Ceramic coated cast iron crucible offers lead-free solder compatiblity.
• Maximum temperature: of 650º F
• Solder capacity: 33 lbs.
• Dimensions: 6" x 12" (inside depth 1-7/8")
• 1200 watts
• Esico-Triton is a division of American Beauty Tools
Easy drop-ship from the Esico factory

High Voltge 220-240v Options:
High Voltage option: No.80T-LF high voltage solder pot is available upon request. Call for pricing.

Price $1,700.00