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Esico-Triton 37-LF (P3700-LF) "The Half-Way-House Lead-Free" Mid-Size Solder Pot | 5-lb. Capacity | 3.5" Diameter | 800º

Esico-Triton 37-LF (P3700-LF)

Esico 37-LF Half-Way-House Mid-Size Lead-Free Compatible Solder Pot is used in dip soldering of larger parts or when more heat may be required. If you are looking for a pot between The Original (#36) and the Big-Boy (#70) this solder pot is the ideal choice. This pot is built from gray cast iron and ceramically coated to help protect against corrosive lead-free solders. Crucibles are thin-lipped for operator convenience, comfort and high-volume production.

• Esico-Triton Part No.: 37-LF (P3700LF)
• Midway between The Original (#36) and the Big-Boy (#70) solder pots
• Ceramic coated iron crucible offers lead-free solder compatiblity.
• Crucibles are thin-lipped for operator convience, comfort and speed.
• Maximum temperature: 800º F (429° C)
• Solder capacity: 5 lbs.
• Dimensions: 3-1/2" dia. x 1-3/4" deep.
• 650 watts
• RoHS compliant
• Esico-Triton is a division of American Beauty Tools
Easy drop-ship from the Esico factory

Optional Replacement Heating Element PE37-70-75

High Voltge 220-240v Options:
High Voltage option: No. 37-LF high voltage solder pot is available upon request. Call for pricing.

Price $525.00