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Esico-Triton EC-6 ESICO-ntrol® In-Line Power Controller for Soldering Irons and Solder Pots

Esico-Triton EC-6 ESICO-ntrol In-Line Power Controller for Soldering Irons and Solder Pots

The EC-6 ESICOntrol precisely monitoring power wattage being delivered to the soldering device. Once a desired temperature is under control, the setting on the ESICONTROL® will accurately repeat. Develop the desired control setting by experimentation using thermometer or thermocouple. The control is self-compensating for fluctuations in line voltage and for changes in ambient temperature.

Features and Benefits
• ESICOntrol® range is between 25 percent and 75 percent of the rated wattage of the device heating element.
• Variation is less than 5 percent.
• 100 percent full wattage is available, but it is not controlled. Less than 25 percent wattage also is not controlled. If an application requires control at such settings, a different wattage soldering iron or solder pot should be used.
• Esico-Triton is a division of American Beauty Tools
Easy drop-ship from the Esico factory

Price $160.00