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Hakko FR410-52 ESD-Safe High Power Desoldering Station | Gun-Style Desoldering Tool

Hakko FR410-52 ESD-Safe High Power Desoldering Station | Gun-Style Desoldering Tool

As the design of PCBs evolve, the need for higher power desoldering tools with a wide arrange of nozzle configurations grows.

The HAKKO FR-410 provides 140 watts of power and has the widest selection of nozzle configurations that can meet almost every need. The station includes the same popular features from the HAKKO FR-400, which include an anti-clogging feature that helps ensure instantaneous application of peak vacuum pressure to the solder joint.

• Delay timer to prevent premature release of the vacuum system before solder has cleared the heater and is captured in the solder collection chamber
• Large easy to read display that includes a vacuum level indicator to let you know if there are restrictions building that will need to be cleaned out
• 3-user programmable presets
• Process control password lockout to prevent any unauthorized changes to the system's operation or setup
• Each handpiece has a easy access solder collection chamber that is simple to clean
• Easy to change heater cartridge with HAKKO Composite Ceramic technology
• Independent nozzle, which provides a low cost of operation
• Basic maintenance kit with a variety of basic cleaning tools and replacement filters.

•I 140 Watts
• Input Voltage: 120VAC 50/60 Hz
• Temperature Range : 620° - 850°F (330°C - 450°C)
• Temperature Stability: ±9°F (±5°C) at idle
• ESD Safe

StationFR4101-81 Handpiece Specs
•Nozzle-to-Ground Resistance: < 2 ohms
•Nozzle-to-Ground Potential: < 2 mV
•Heater :Composite Ceramic
•Nozzles: N61 Series
•Standard Nozzle (included): N61-05 (1.0 mm / 0.04 in.)
•Cord Length: 4 ft. (1.2 m)
•Length: 6.6 in. (168 mm)
•Weight: .38 lb. (170 g)

Price $1,072.00