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Hexacon TOT-1006+ Select-O-Trac Digital Soldering Station

Hexacon TOT-1006+ Select-O-Trac Digital Soldering Station

The Select-O-Trac TOT-1006+ is a digitally controlled, variable temperature station designed to be more powerful, responsive and reliable than early-model Therm-O-Trac stations. This unit is the digital upgrade from the older analog TOT-1006 station.

TOT-1006+ allows for three discreet temperature set points that can be customized to meet temperature requirements of your process. Well suited for specific repetitive applications where minute temperature adjustment is not required.

• Independently replaceable component parts and tips mean that this updated unit will perform brilliantly and last a lifetime.

• Quickly and easily set up to three discreet temperature set points
• Replacement component parts are available
• Optimally placed internal thermocouple senses tip temperature and corrects any variance immediately by adjusting power through a closed feedback loop.
• Zero voltage switching circuit allowing for a +/-1% variance at idle temperature and fast recovery times.
• Does not produce levels of EMI, RFI, ESD, electrical or any other energy forms detrimental to sensitive devices.
• Easily calibrate in the field without any special components or tools to ensure certification compliance with industry standards and MIL Specs.

• Equipped with J202X Conical-Chisel Xtradur tip
• 36 VAC transformer provides quick power heat up.
• 110 VAC/60 Hz
• 220 VAC/50 Hz available upon request.

Price $609.40