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Hexacon PHU-600 Phenix Ultra Soldering Iron - 11/32" Tip - 600° F

Hexacon PHU-600 Phenix Ultra Soldering Iron - 11/32

Technology that effectively crosses the boundary between a soldering station and the simplicity of a pencil-style soldering iron.

• Variable power and temperature controlled
• Specially designed ceramic heating element provides maximum thermal efficiency, reduced heat-up times
• Cushioned elastomer grips remain comfortable even after hours of continuous use
• Burn resistant neoprene power cord will withstand accidental contact with a hot iron
• Prior to Phenix, only temperature-controlled stations could provide this level of consistency in soldering performance

• Temperature: 600°
• Tip size: 11/32"
• Power cord: 3-wire extra-flexible neoprene
• Wattage: variable
• Includes 11/32" Xtradur soldering tip (CT302X)
• Certified for ISO

Shipping/Ordering Information
• Special order - item cannot be returned
• Ships from Hexacon
• Delivery: 3-5 days
• Select the UPS shipping option

Price $189.20