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Hexacon SI-23A-40W Mini Soldering Iron 1/4" Tip - 40W

Hexacon SI-23A-40W Mini Soldering Iron 1/4

Mini Irons are ideal for general purpose soldering and repetitive applications.

• Popular irons for production line duty, rework and touch-ups.
• Slim profile and light weight -- ideal for repetitive applications
• Easy to maintain. The tip, element, cord and handle are independently replaceable
• Fiberglass anti-roll handle is safe, cool-in-use, easy-to-clean and solvent resistant
• Burn resistant cord will withstand accidental contact with a hot iron

Hexacon SI-23A-40W Mini Iron Features
• Idle Temperature 925°
• 40 Watts
• Weight: 2 oz.
• Semi-chisel soldering tip included (No. HT313X)
• Select the UPS shipping option

Suggested Applications:
• A popular choice for production line work including rework and touch-up soldering
• Perfect for applications involving miniature parts as well as through-hole printed circuits, repetitive connections or terminal work.

Price $90.45