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Hexacon SI-34H-80W Powerhouse Hatchet Soldering Iron 1/4" Tip - 80 Watts - 1025°

Hexacon SI-34H-80W Powerhouse Hatchet Soldering Iron 1/4

Powerhouse Hatchet Soldering Irons bridge the gap between small pencil irons and large, heavy duty industrial irons. An ideal iron for high speed production applications.

• H-Series iron combines a comfortabale ergonomic working position with excellent balance and directional control
• Perfect for soldering printed wiring boards with ground planes
• Touch-up and repair of small terminals
• Long 6-1/2" reach
• Easy to maintain. The tip, element, cord and handle are independently replaceable
• Cool, lightweight hardwood handle provides a more secure grip
• Burn resistant, flexible neoprene cord will withstand accidental contact with a hot iron

• Idle Temperature 1025°
• 80 Watts
• Tip size: 1/4"
• Reach: 6-1/2"
• Includes a 1/4" wide chisel Xtradur soldering tip (No. HT)
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Price $128.00