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Kester Wire Solder Sn62Pb36Ag02 / #44 Rosin / .025" dia. / 3.3% Core (24-7150-0018)

Kester Wire Solder Sn62Pb36Ag02 / #44 Rosin / .025

Kester 24-7150-0018
Kester "44" Rosin Activated Flux is excellent for instant wetting action. A reliable solder formula for production line soldering. RA flux core solder is the industry standard for electrical and electronic hand soldering.

Pricing for this product is subject to change daily

Kester Sn62 Pb36 Ag2 Product Performance
• Excellent for instant wetting action
• Residue is non-corrosive and non-conductive under normal conditions
• High activity RA core flux provides excellent wetting action even on nickel surfaces
• Residues are non-corrosive if not cleaned
• Industry standard for electrical and electronic hand soldering
• Excellent solderability to a wide variety of metallizations

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Kester 24-7150-0018 Specifications:
• Alloys: Sn62 Pb36 Ag02 ( 62% tin - 36% lead - 2% silver)
• Wire Diameter: .025"
• Flux: #44 RA Rosin-Activated
• Melting Range: 361-374º F ( 183-190º C )
• Core Size: standard size - 3.3% flux by weight (#66)
• Spool size: 1 lb.
• RoHS Compliant: No
• Classified as ROM1 per J-STD-006
• Case qty: 25 lbs.

• Production line soldering
• Single-sided board soldering
• Solder dipping applications
• Compatible metals: platinum, gold, copper, tin, solder, silver, nickel, cadmium, brass, lead, bronze, rhodium, beryllium copper, palladium, immersion tin and immersion silver.

Shipping Options: 1-5 lbs. (select USPS or UPS shipping). 5+ lbs. (select UPS)

Fluxes: If needed, Kester 186 Mildly Activated Rosin Flux may be used as an aid in reworking soldered joints. Available in gallon, 5-gallon, drum and flux pen sizes.

Price $60.80