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Kester Lead-Free Silver-Free Solder Sn99.3Cu.07 (K100LD) // #331 Organic Water Soluble // .031" dia. // 3.3% Core (24-9574-6403)

Kester Lead-Free Silver-Free Solder Sn99.3Cu.07 (K100LD)  // #331 Organic Water Soluble //  .031

Low cost alternative to SAC-305

K100LD is a eutectic Tin/Copper alloy with controlled metallic dopants to control the grain structure within the solder joint, and to minimize the dissolution of copper into the solder pot. K100LD virtually eliminates the occurrence of common defects such as icicling and bridging.

Pricing for this product is subject to change daily

K100LD SN99.3 CU.07 24-9574-6403 Features
• Prevent copper erosion and yield consistent soldering results
• Designed to give excellent wetting to through-hole and bottom side SMT components
• Dross-reducing technology results in 20% lower dross formation
• Lower cost than SAC305
• Produces shiny, smooth solder joints

Kester "331" Organic water-soluble flux is more effectivee than rosin flux when working with difficult-to-solder metals. Organic flux is more heat stable than most organic fluxes and the residue can be completely removed with a simple water rinse

• Tin: 99.3%, Silver : 0%, Copper: 0.7%
• Contains Nickel and Bismuth
• Melt Point: ~227° C
• Appearance: Shiny
• Shrink Holes: No
• Copper Dissolution: (Sn63=1): 0.8
• Size: 1 lb. Spool

Price $31.38