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MicroCare MCC-MLCWR REFILL MulltiClean Economy Presaturated Wipes // 100-Wipe Refill for MCC-MLCW Tub

MicroCare MCC-MLCWR REFILL MulltiClean Economy Presaturated Wipes // 100-Wipe Refill for MCC-MLCW Tub

MicroCare MCC-MLCW is a gentle, safe and economical wipe that will remove no-clean fluxes and paste including lead-free materials from SMT stencils.

• Blended from super-pure deionized water and isopropyl alcohol
• MultiClean wipes will remove solder paste, flux residues, white residues, fingerprints, uncured epoxy residues and light oils and greases
• Paper wipes are made from lint-free 100% pure polyester
• Use with the MCC-MLCW tub
• Safe on cured expoxies, flex laminates, solder masks, metals and will clean without damage to common components and similar parts
• Cleans without leaving a residue
• Biodegradable and ozone safe
• Flammable
• Package Qty: 100 wipes

Refill Wipes for the MicroCare Multi-Task™ Surface Cleaner tub (Multi-Clean™ #MCC-MLCW). Money-saving refills contain the same wipes and fluid as the MCC-MLCW tubs. Reduce costs and help to protect the environment by encouraging the re-use of packaging.

• Part No. MCC-MCLWR
• For use with the MCC-MLCW tub
• Refill. Wipes only. Tub not included.
• Removes solder paste, flux residues, finger prints, uncured epoxy residues, light oils and grease
• 70% IPA and 30% deonized water saturated lint-free wipes
• ESD-safe
• No rip heavy-duty wipe.
• Unique slam-shut package for extra long service life
• Unlimited shelf-life

Product Information
The Multi-Task™ Surface Cleaner Refill - Multi-Clean™ Presaturated Wipes provide fast and safe cleaning in almost any production environment. Using a strong, shred-proof, disposable wipe saturated with high purity isopropyl alcohol and deionized water, it is well suited for cleaning medical devices, electronics, stencils, work benches, tools, production machinery, and any surface that requires hygienic grade cleaning. Versatile, it cleans most solder pastes found on SMT stencils. It also cleans organic and ionic residues, light oils and other contaminants commonly found in the manufacture of medical devices. With excellent materials compatibility it is both safe and easy to use.

Technical Details and Cleaning Data
• Boiling Point 82 ºC / 180 ºF
• Chemical Family: Water & Alcohol
• Cleaning Strength 25 (est.) (KB value)
• Evaporation Rate Slow
• Odor Slight
• Alcohol Percent Volatile 100%
• Specific Gravity 0.87

Price $23.00