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R & R Lotion SD-6-ESD ESD-Safe Solvent Dispenser 6 oz.

R & R Lotion SD-6-ESD ESD-Safe Solvent Dispenser 6 oz.

Static dissipative dispensers provide ESD protection. Light pressure of an applicator or sponge pumps fluid into the stainless steel dish as needed -- without the fuss of having to remove a stopper or a cap. Dispense fluid with one hand leaving the other hand free.

SD-6-ESD Dispenser Features
• Static Free
• Clean room safe
• Will not react with solvents such as TCE or alcohol

One-Touch Pump Features
• Stainless steel pump will not rust
• Air tight seal prevents evaporation of chemicals
• Prevents messy chemical spills
• Reduces fumes and odors of highly volatile chemicals
• Protects against the cross-contamination of products
• Fluids will not seep back down into the bottle once dispensed
• One-hand operation

SD-6-ESD Specifications
• Container size: 6 oz.
• Avg. Surface Resistivity: 109 to 1010 ohms/square
• Static Decay Rate: ±5000V in less than 2 sec. (40% relative humidity)
• Mil Spec: Helps to Meet ESD-T20.20-2000
• Warning: Not recommended for use with Acrylic Liquid

Price $15.90