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R&R Lotion Tip-T Tip Tinner | Small Can | Lead Free | 0.5 oz.

R&R Lotion Tip-T Tip Tinner | Small Can | Lead Free | 0.5 oz.

Tip-T Solder Tip Tinner 0.5 oz. (Lead Free)
Tip-T Tip Tinner has been formulated to prolong soldering tip life in the harsh environment of No Clean & Water Soluble Fluxes.

• Remove of all flux or metal contamination on your soldering tips.
• Use to restore the heat transfer of your soldering tip
• Use to re-tin your soldering tip

Suggested Applications:
PCB Manufacturing, Automotive Manufacturing, Aviation, Aerospace, Utilities, Power Gen, Toy Production, Electronics Plants, Computer Repairs, Military.

Directions for use:
• Slowly submerge your heated soldering tip into solution while dragging it across the surface. Twist the tip to allow the surfactant to cleanse, restore and re-tin it for optimal function

Features and Benefits:
• Non-Corrosive formula totally restores tips with a premium tin layer
• Easy application in a few simple steps
• Residue-free formula removes rusting and restores shine.
• Minimal fume and off-gas production
• ESD-Safe container
• Adhesive backed tinner can be mounted next to any workspace.
• Lead-Free & RoHS Compliant

Price $6.80